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Fatherboard Episode 2: If It’s ‘iPhone Pro’, I’ll Just Eat My Hat

The official podcast.


My Dad and I are back with an all-iPhone episode in which we discuss the latest leaks, theories, and questions surrounding the iPhone 8. We narrow down our expectations for what we might see from Apple this Fall. We also talk about how Apple Watch Series 3 could be the iPhone 4 of its line.

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Announcing Fatherboard: the official Gaddgict podcast.

The official podcast.

Debuting today is the official Gaddgict podcast, Fatherboard! This show is hosted by yours truly and my Dad, Art Somoza.

My Dad and I have worked together for years in the IT industry, and currently in a Healthcare IT capacity. He taught me everything I know (up until the iPhone age). We talk all the time about the latest with Apple/technology in general, including what might come next. Together, we have over 30 years of industry experience. Therefore, it seemed only fitting we start a podcast, and with us both being fathers, the name of the show seemed fitting.

Pilot Episode: I Have A Lot To Say About Apple Music

In the pilot episode of Fatherboard, Lance and Art introduce themselves, followed by a discussion of Apple’s music strategy, including the Apple Music service, a graphic EQ need for iOS, and the upcoming HomePod.

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We sincerely hope you’ll give our show a listen.

Gaddgict JSON Feed (Updated 5.27)

Many know what an RSS feed is, or have at least seen the icon before on a website. It offers a way for you to subscribe to a site’s posts via a third-party reader application. Gaddgict’s RSS feed can be found at RSS and Atom feeds have been the longtime-standard when it comes to aggregating posts.

Last week, I learned of a new feed spec called JSON Feed, thanks to John Gruber over at Daring Fireball. After checking it out, I couldn’t help myself and knew I was in for a fun little project. JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) itself is a simple way to organize data that can be easily read by applications. It’s lightweight, easy to read, understand, and put together. Popular feed readers have already started adopting JSON Feed (like NewsBlur), even though it’s in its infancy. Maxime Vaillancourt put together the first JSON Feed Viewer at, with a steadily-growing list of showcased feeds (you’ll find Gaddgict’s on there).

The direct link to Gaddgict’s JSON feed is Now, for all the technical details behind how I implemented it…


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