by Lance Somoza


Quick Links Only.

Chris Lattner to work on Google Brain ➔

iPhone 8 may automatically silence notifications when you’re looking at it ➔

Essential promises to provide a ship date next week for its phone ➔

Bloomberg: Next Apple Watch will have a cellular radio ➔

iPhone and Apple Pencil: Will they ever be friends? ➔

Essential loses its Head of UX to Google ➔

iOS 11 will no longer auto-join shoddy Wi-Fi networks ➔

The Rock and Siri to star in Apple commercial tomorrow ➔

CCIA tech advocacy group supports Apple in Qualcomm lawsuit ➔

You should not force quit apps on iOS ➔

Windows Phone dies today ➔

Original Apple Watch repair service extended for loose back cover problems ➔

Notification Center tweaked in iOS 11 beta 3 ➔

Swiping up to force quit apps returns to iPad in iOS 11 beta 3. ➔

NY Times: Apple Park attracting tourists, increasing development and home values ➔


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