by Lance Somoza


Quick Links Only.

I see a lot of features similar to iOS 11, which is dropping soon. I find it kind of funny that Google has specifically branded their malware-scanning system as “Google Play Protect” — something Apple would never have to do.

Chris is a genius, by all accounts. Formerly at Apple for years, he had an incredibly short stint at Tesla over the past few months. Now he’s going to be working for one of Apple’s biggest frienemies on the Google Brain research unit. Can’t wait to see what he churns out next.

Mark Gurman, Scott Moritz, and Ian King reporting. This is the next logical progression for Apple Watch, as I wrote about in my wishlist. Battery life must be at least as good as the Series 2 or Apple wouldn’t be doing this. Also glad to hear Intel will source the modems. Sorry, Qualcomm. John Gruber also chimed in, saying he’s heard of an all-new form factor coming for this year’s new watches. Interesting! I doubt it will be a round watch face, though.

I would love for Apple Pencil to work on the bigger iPhone, especially with iOS 11’s quick notes feature. Like Jason says though, it would probably need to be a shorter version. Writing on an iPhone with the current Apple Pencil would be kind of comical. iPhone would also need the special screen layer found in iPad Pro to track it properly. We’ll see.